Your Favorite Items Refashioned as Jewelry

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Handbag pendant on necklace


Fashions come and fashions go, and then they come again. It's great to see old looks coming back, especially in a reimagined format. That's exactly what we've seen in spring 2021, with designers having lots of fun with their jewelry creations.

Padlock earrings, logo pendants, miniature handbag charms... you name it, the creativity this spring is amazing. Yip, it’s needed right now. Fun and creativity that reminds us of the lighter side of life.

Check out the following creations and designs. Each one is a reimagination of your everyday items and accessories. Handbags, padlocks, and even shoes in teeny-tine form.

1. Guitar Earrings: whether you play guitar or just love rock, these earrings are like music to your ears.Electric guitar earrings

2. Handbag Charms: as the old saying goes, “Great things come in small packages”.Handbag charms

3. Padlock NecklacePadlock necklace

4. Shoe PendantShoe Pendant