Brighten Up the ’20s with some Colorful Beaded Jewelry

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Colorful Beaded Jewelry on Streetmarket Table

Image by Jeff Balbalosa from Pixabay

It's been a really tough time for the human race. The 2020s kicked off with hope, optimism, and... a pandemic. Yikes! Suddenly, we were all living in a lockdown and cut off from everyone and everything we love. Pretty depressing.

Perhaps that explains some of the fashion trends we've seen lately. With a 90s-esque splash of color, beaded jewelry is back. And why not? Now, more than ever, we all need to do what we can to make the world a more cheerful place.

So take this trend as a cue to rekindle some childlike joy in your life. Brighten up the present with a dose of colorful nostalgia from the past. Let the 90s show the 20s how it's done.

And if you aren't fortunate enough to have lived through the 90s (FYI, they were great), you can still look forward to the summer. Colorful beads are a great way to do this – they are jewelry “beachified”.

The following five pieces are great examples of modern beaded jewelry. Bursting with color, let them inspire you to create a brighter fashion future.

1. The classic beaded necklace design, double layered for a little extra impact.
Woman Wearing Colorful Beaded Love Necklace


2. Add a little pebble to make it even more beachy.

Woman Wearing Colorful Beaded Necklace


3. Get the look from top to bottom with a delightful little anklet.

Woman Wearing Colorful Beaded Anklet


4. Ring in the ’20s.

Woman Wearing Colorful Beaded Love Ring on Finger


5. Mix-n-match your beaded jewelry with some of your regular favs.

Colorful Beaded and Gold Bracelet