6 Jewelry Trends for Autumn 2021

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Hand with ring on finger holding up an autumn leaf

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Like many other people, you might have found yourself stuck in a humdrum fashion rut over the last while. You get up, throw on the same old clothes you've been wearing for days, and mope around the house. Yeah, it's been a drag.

But even if you're not feeling fully enthused to rework your style, it's amazing what a few little accessories can do for you. Be it a textured metal design, a striking chain, or a quirky single earring, jewelry is your best friend when it comes to enhancing your Zoom outfits.

So take a look at the following runway-inspired collections for the fall of 2021. You'll find lots of simple ways to "unhumdrum" your style.

1. Sparkly Chandelier EarringsWoman wearing sparkly chandelier earrings

2. Thick ChokersWoman wearing thick choker necklace

3. Textured MetalWoman wearing textured metal earring

4. Statement EarringsWoman wearing statement earrings

5. Single EarringWoman wearing single earring